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Great Anglie's List Transmission Service Review

Great Anglie's List Transmission Review

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Tai Harris  (a week ago)
Friendly service and good work products in the end. Definitely, a place to recommend.

Brandon Adams   (5 months ago)
Great shop amazing prices great work ask for sam

Lisa Hackett   (a year ago)
The guys are honest and professional.
I’ve been there a handful of times. A couple of times I left my car and a few times I waited while they squeezed me in. I like how they fully explain what repairs are needed right away and what can wait.

Nicole Blanton   (a year ago)
Jerrys the best. Don’t go anywhere else

Matt Henderson   (5 years ago)
>Jerry has been a printing customer of mine for over a year and has repaired two of our family cars. We have a 1999 Mercury Sable that had been having shifting problems before I new Jerry we had taken it to another shop and they replaced the speed shifting sensor. The car drove and shifted fine for about a week then would not upshift out of first gear. We had spent quite a lot of money to have it fixed and became disgusted with the situation and just let the car sit in the driveway for about a year. I knew that something electrical was wrong with the car and when I got to know Jerry I had him take a look at it. He was able to fix it by simply pushing in the speed sensor clip until it snapped into place. The other mechanic failed to simply lock the electrical connector into place and tug on the wire to make sure it was seated properly. We were very happy because we were expecting to hear that it was going to be some expensive repair and all it was was a loose wire.
He also repaired the transmission in my daughters Ford Explorer. The torque converter bearing was going out and making all kinds of grinding noises. He was able to replace the torque converter at a very reasonable price without having to do a complete transmission overhaul.
Jerry’s wife Erin is great to work with and she helped me today jump-start my car when my battery died making a delivery at their shop.

Joshua Bowen   (a year ago)
They did a great job with my truck I highly recommend them for all your automotive needs they definitely have my business from know own

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